PTCshare BAP Market release and how it can more than double your profits!

PTCshare BAP market – what is it? A few days ago BAP market was added to PTCshare, which is essentially a way to trade (buy or sell) BAP from other users on the site. Users might want to sell their BAP as a means to liquidate their BAP to cash instantly, without waiting days/weeks/months for ads to consume all of their BAP. Users might want to do this [...]

Read more is in prelaunch – biggest PTC/rev share launch of 2019!

It is finally here! The creators of PaidVerts have just opened up their newest Paid To Click (PTC) project, , up for preregistration! As I described in my [...]

PTCshare – the upcoming new PTC giant

Paid To Click (PTC) is an industry that is riddled with scams or websites that come and go, and are hard to rely on for users to build a long term stable side income. Most [...]
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