PTCshare – the upcoming new PTC giant

Paid To Click (PTC) is an industry that is riddled with scams or websites that come and go, and are hard to rely on for users to build a long term stable side income. Most new PTCs are not worth mentioning due to this, but this is where a new upcoming PTC will shake the ground, and one that everyone will be flocking towards very soon –

Anyway, the few PTCs that persist with a significant share of this market, and have been running and paying their users for years, such as ClixSense, Neobux, Scarlet-Clicks are typically very straightforward to use but also very limiting in what their users can earn – typically a few cents max per day.

Another of the PTC giants, that have been running and paying for years is PaidVerts. Unlike most PTCs this is a completely custom solution, with unique earning system, and most importantly allows users to prove their value over time and earn more than just a few cents. Many users have used PaidVerts to make a significant income in the past, and continue to to this day. PaidVerts used to absolutely dwarf the others with the earning potential it offered (and is probably known by every old timer), but after time earnings dropped significantly – yet are still higher than the rest of the competition.

What is PTCshare and why does it promise a ton of opportunity to earn online?

PTCshare is so exciting, because it is worked on from the same people who are behind PaidVerts! So we can look forward to familiar and reputable admins, with fast payments, reliable service and a ton of cash we can all earn.

The admins of PTCshare consider it to be an evolution of PaidVerts, which over the years got clunky, with tons of features added, but very importantly they managed to take many lessons from it, and will be applying them in PTCshare. This means that with PTCshare there is a very good chance that we might be seeing the “good old glory days” of earnings as all of the online earnings world will definitely flock towards it, and so will the advertisers to make use of it.

So where PaidVerts did great, PTCshare will do better. Where PaidVerts lacked (confusing for users, clearer earning system, bigger earnings), PTCshare should smash it.

I personally am very excited about this new online earning opportunity to be coming, and is one of the reasons why I started work on this blog and dedicating it primarily to this new upcoming star that all of us will earn with for years!
And as I will be using the program avidly, I want to look at all the bits and pieces of it and figure out how to optimize our earnings there, that I will also be sharing here, with tips and suggestions of how you can do the same!

What is so special about and why will it allow me to earn more?

There are many things that will be unique and perfected in this new earning program, for which I will deliberate on in a new post very soon, and keep you all up to date with any new information that the creators will release.

When is PTCshare launching?

The exact launch date is not yet determined, but the last time the admins mentioned it, it was scheduled for early June 2019 – which is darn close!

I will definitely keee you posted as soon as more information is released, so make sure to check back 😉

EDIT: is now in prelaunch and you can already register and build your team!

  1. very good. Like many mellions, I am , from India, looking forward to
    the launch of the new ptc ie.

    thanks a lot for this brief post about new ptc

    • This is definitely going to be a great one!

      Thanks, I will try to provide more info as soon as it becomes available, but as many things will be similar to PV, I will share tips and information I used there.

      Also open to providing info on things you guys would like to hear more about!

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