is in prelaunch – biggest PTC/rev share launch of 2019!

It is finally here! The creators of PaidVerts have just opened up their newest Paid To Click (PTC) project, , up for preregistration! As I described in my previous post, the owners of this programs have a ton of experience and years of working in this industry behind them.

They are draining experience and lessons from the very successful PaidVerts, remove some of its bad things and improving additional things that will make PTCshare one of the most appealing launches of 2019 in the online earnings industry.

Why should I register in PTCshare Prelaunch?

The prelaunch period gives you a great option to build up your team and share the word, before majority of the userbase does. AS when this thing launches, expect to see PTCshare being promoted everywhere. In every PTC, traffic exchange, all online earnings programs, forums, social media… it’s going to be everywhere as these admins are simply so reputable and experienced that this things will go viral, quickly.

And when it does, it will be harder to stand out with your ads, because everyone will have seen it a lot and likely have registered under someone else already.

So you’ll get the most effectivity out of your promotions now, that’s for sure. But definitely even for months after launch, PTCshare will definitely be worth still promoting.

What will be PTCshare exactly and how will I be able to earn?

PTCshare will be Paid To Click site with a revenue share component. Basically it will allow everyone to earn for free from scratch, but also allow you to increase your earning potential additionally by purchasing their Bulk Ads.

The system is based on Bonus Ad Points, which you get some for free each day. Then you receive paid cash ads which consume some of the BAP. What is unique here is that you also with activity and being a long term member you can increase the amount of BAP you earn for free each day, meaning that every month you will be earning more and more!

But by buying even a few Bulk Ad Packs, you will get an extra 2360 BAP for every $1 ad pack, which will quickly move you up to higher “BAP groups” and allow you to receive bigger ads every day. This is all on top of getting extremely effective advertising for your cash – banner impressions and ad views.

You can of course build up this BAP for free over time, but I would highly suggest buying at least a few dollars worth to give you a head start, as especially during the first few weeks the earnings are expected to be crazy – If you were a member of PaidVerts in the old days, you’ll remember just how crazy it was 🙂

And the best part about PTCshare is that its model is made in a very sustainable way, as the site generates revenue from other quality advertising options, offerwalls, in-house product and 3rd party advertising.
This makes it very unique, and why the site will be very trusted and stay around for years to come – just like PaidVerts has, so you can safely build up your account to earn more, and also be safe with referring your friends, family and advertise on a wide scale.

It also has a very attractive referral program, where you will make 7% commissions on any of their ad purchases and 3% on their cash ad view value. And believe me, this adds up quickly, as users have to repurchase some ads regularly to maintain higher BAP groups to earn more, meaning you will get a ton of commissions consistently from active refs!

How can you best prepare for PTCshare launch and make the most of it?

First off, as mentioned above, it would be a great idea if you can share the word and get at least some referrals during the prelaunch, so that you will have an active team from the start, allowing you all to earn more and make the most from the high expected earnings in the very first few weeks specially. Of course you can also earn very consistently without referring as well, but if you can get some refs it is definitely suggested!

Secondly, while you can earn completely for free, I would suggest saving up at least a few dollars to buy some Bulk Ad packs at the start, as this will give you a huge boost in earnings and your account growing capability.

Lastly, make sure to keep checking out this blog as I will be posting more detailed information about PTCshare as it comes, giving you a chance to know everything you need to know about it before it launches!

There are some tricks and best strategies to go for with sites like this (and PaidVerts), so I will gladly share my experiences and earning maximization tips here with you all!

Moreover, I will be giving personal support to all of my referrals, as I am personally attached to making sure any of my referrals become profitable in a program. Besides that I can also offer you cashback deals, give you bonus BAP to start off with, and I will also host various promotions for my referrals where I will give you some cash for free to help you out every now and then!

So if you would like to join PTCshare under a sponsor who cares about you and wants to see you maximize your profits, you are welcome to join under me with this links:

I will guide you and help you out whenever I can!

But even if you are not my referral I will share a lot of useful tips and tricks here, so make sure to check back regularly during prelaunch as well as when it launches 😉

    • Great to hear that! Will you be working on referring yourself as well?

      English translation of Jair’s comment:
      “Ok, I hope to be with you on this walk, as I am a regular participant in Paidverts, and would like to participate in this pre-launch.”

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