PTCshare is launching in early June – get ready!

It seems that PTCshare development is well on its way as they are starting their website testing today as they just posted on their facebook!

They also sent out an email to everyone who registered in prelaunched, with some more information – so if you haven’t registered yet, I highly suggest to do so, as they’ll surely keep us up to date with any new developements and allow us to be prepared as well as possible for the launch: Register at PTC share today

Long story short, they start testing phase today and when everything is in-check they will put a 7 day timer on the site for the launch!

I will prepare a detailed tips and tricks post very soon, of what you should expect and what strategy to follow to earn most (as the website will in general concept be very similar to PaidVerts), but in short, what you should do is have at least a few dollars set on the side for the launch, as that will allow you get some bigger BAP amounts at the start, which determine the bulk of how much you can earn. Back when PaidVerts launched, many users started with just a few dollars, and grew their earnings to several dollars per day over a few months, and this was especially easy doable right after their launch – so expect the same to happen here! If you can’t spare a dollar, no problem, you can start completely for free and build your way up as well.

Also, if you sign up under me, I will run giveaways for my referrals and help those who want to make an income in any way I can to boost your earnings – even with giving you a boost of BAP or cash myself!

If you want to read the full email the PTCshare team has sent, you can read it below:


Hello and welcome to PtcShare, the brand new upcoming project of My Traffic Value/

Let us inform you a little about what we have coming for you. PtcShare is going to be a hybrid of a paid to click and a revenue sharing website. In many ways it will be similar to Paidverts, but far easier to understand. “Ease of use” is our main objective for PtcShare, for both the advertiser and the earner.

Advertisers will have the possibility to advertise on PTCshare without having to go through 9 different options, such as on Paidverts. You select whichever delivery method you desire and we do all the complicated stuff regarding the pre-selection of our products. We’re making it a fast and pain-free method for every advertiser, both new and experienced. We expect to have a ton of traffic during the early phase of the project, which means the advertising methods will almost surely be undervalued for the results they bring!

For the user we’re making things extremely simple and as financially attractive as we possibly can. Users will have a wide variety of earning methods, all neatly portrayed and explained. Users will be able to earn by watching ads, playing games, fulfilling offers/tasks on the offer walls and by sharing in the profitability of the website by buying bulk ads.

But that’s not all! PTCshare intends to add many more earning methods, methods which haven’t been seen before in Paidverts just yet.

We are launching in June and will have a 7 day countdown when we’re certain we can offer you a great experience. Right now is probably the best time to prepare for the launch and build your downline. Find your marketing materials here:

Get ready for the biggest launch of 2019!

The PTCshare team

  1. Good day sir. I am interested in ptcshare. I hope you would teach me. I have not signed up yet. Please reach if ever u see this

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