Less than 7 days before PTCshare – the best PTC of 2019 launches!

It is now official, PTCshare is launching in less than 7 days, on Friday 14th at 16:00 GMT! Are you excited?

There’s already more than 30000 users waiting for it and it is surely to only pick up from here, so the launch is definitely to be crazy, and with a ton of early bird earnings potential!

Are you prepared for PTCshare to earn some consistent money?

The payment methods available on PTCshare will be Bitcoin, Litecoin. Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay. So if you want to make the most of the early activity and tons of advertisements going around, my best tip to you right now is to prepare at least a few dollars to buy bulk ads with on launch and get yourself up to a few higher BAP groups to earn more!

If the BAP system will be similar as on PaidVerts, and how the ad issues are typically distributed, then these are my recommendations for BAP groups, and how much money you should prepare:
*NOTE: These are estimates taken from what PaidVerts used to do consistently after the initial hype died out (during which it was even more!), and kept this pace for over a year.

BAP GROUP 1: 1600-12000 BAP requires a purchase of $1 to get in immediately. This group typically earns 5-10 cents per day, but during the first few months expect a lot more, as high value ads are to be in abundance!

BAP GROUP 3: 24000-48000 BAP requires a purchase of $11 to get in immediately. This group typically earns 10-30 cents per day, but if launch is to be similar as PaidVerts back in the day, this is a group where you can start expecting $1+ earnings on some days!

BAP group 5: 96000 – 180000 BAP requires a purchase of $41 to get in immediately. This group typically earns $0.5-$1 per day, and up to $2+ on some days!

BAP group 7: 360000-720000 BAP requires a purchase of $153 to get in immediately. This group typically earns $2-3 per day, and up to $5+ on some days!

BAP group 10: 3mil-6mil BAP requires a purchase of $1272 to get in immediately. This group typically earns $15-$25 per day and up to $30+ on some days!

While there will likely be higher BAP groups available, I would not typically recommend them. Potentially the 6mil+ BAP group is still worth it, but if there will be any higher than the earnings per $ purchases starts to decrease slightly, as the team tries to keep it more focused towards the lower groups.

Want more tips and guidance when PTCshare launches? Join under my link and I will be happy to help you out as your sponsor: https://www.ptcshare.com/ref/stanbright

    • You will be able to increase BAPs quickly by Buying Bulk Ads for $1 each, giving you 2360 BAP.
      Once the website launches you will be able to do that -either by depositing money, and then buying with your account balance, or simply buying BA with your processors directly.

      Let me know if anything still unclear!

    • Payeer will be here from the start, but Skrill seems like not. A lot of people asked for it on PaidVerts as well and they weren’t able to sort it there. We’ll see

  1. Hi sir. I am interested with ptcshare can you please contact me in my email. I would like be your direct if you can help me as a sponsor. Thanks!

  2. Hello can you please contact me on my email. I’m interested with ptcshare. Willing to know more and help others too😊..

    • Based on how much that group earned at PaidVerts for over a year after their launch, yes. But please note these are estimates based on that, that I’m also personally going with. I think we’ll get a more exact picture when they do their first few ad issues. So if you’d like to first see how it goes, I would suggest starting with one of the small groups first, see if their earnings match my estimates based on PaidVerts, and take that as far as accuracy of them goes.

      As soon as they do a first of their ad issues, I’ll update my posts here for a more accurate representation. Could be less or more, hard to say at this stage.

  3. why does it say to get it immediately. If we don’t get it immediately, would that mean we lose out on getting in?


    • It just means that if you want to get into that group as soon as possible/i.e. by making a purchase. You can also slowly grow your account for free, or add a few purchases here and there and climb the groups as time goes on. But if you want get in that group with one purchase, that’s how much you have to buy to get to it.

      You can start in a lower group and make your way up as time goes on, it doesn’t matter. It just means that the group you are in you will earn from that group during that time. But you can also move up the groups if you want to.
      If you have any doubts whatsoever, or would first like to see how it all works, I suggest to start at a lower group and make your way up, but assuming that the earnings might be the highest the first few weeks, you’d make the most of the initial boom starting higher, that’s for sure. But it’s a longterm program so whatever your strategy is, you’ll be fine.

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