PTCshare – a simple getting started guide

So you joined PTCshare and have no idea what to do when it launches, or how to earn from it? Let me guide you through the basics – I’ll provide more detailed information when it actually launches.

  1. The main way of earning on PTCshare is from viewing paid Ads. But it works differently than on typical PTCs. On PTCshare to be able to receive paid ads, you have to have Bonus Ad Points (BAP) available. Without any BAP available you will not receive any cash ads. So that is the most important thing – the more BAP you gather/have, the more cash ads you will be able to receive, and the more you will be able to earn.
  2. As you receive cash ads they will consume BAP, equivalent to every $0.0005 worth of cash ad consumes 1 BAP. So if you receive a $0.0005 ad that will consume 1 BAP, if you receive a $1 ad it will consume 2000 BAP, if a $5 ad, it will consume 10000 BAP.
  3. Once a cash ad consumes BAP, it will not return that BAP even if you don’t view that ad. Once you receive an ad, you have 18 hours to view it, otherwise this ad will “recycle” (be sent to someone else).
  4. So your objective is to gain as much BAP as possible. As you register you will get 100 BAP free, but then every day you can also view 8 activation ads, which each give 5 BAP, so 40 BAP/day in total. Besides activation ads you will also be able to receive up to 200+ BAP each day, based on how many tasks you completed in the previous day.
  5. The other way to gain BAP is by buying Bulk Ads, where each $1 ad pack will give you 2360 BAP, which means that you will be able to receive $1.18 in cash ads in return over time for each $1 Bulk Ad Purchase, on top of the advertising you get with it!
  6. The amount and value of cash ads you receive primarily depends on how much BAP you have – generally speaking, the more BAP you have the more you will earn. While there will be a bunch of cash ads going around via different ways (ads generated when people buy ads, recycled ads) and being delivered to you potentially throughout the day, the main part of the earnings will be from “Daily Ad Issues”. Daily ad issues are sent each week days, based on which BAP group you are in (I’ve described BAP groups more in previous post). Typically, getting to one higher BAP group will get you about twice more cash value in ads, but being low or high within a BAP group will not make a difference.
  7. Besides the ad issue there are also achievement ad issues and referral ad issues, where based on your activity and/or referring, you will gain additional big parts of the ad issue, that is not dependent on your BAP group (you still have to have enough BAP available to receive these ads).
  8. There is also the “recycle upgrade” – which when bought allows you to receive any recycled ads. It is very cheap – for $0.05 fee, you will receive recycled ads until you get at least $1 in total, then you have to rebuy it. This means you could also receive a $10 recycled ad if you are lucky with this upgrade! Not again, that you can only receive ads if you have enough BAP – so if you have 1000 BAP that is not enough to receive a $10 ad, as that consumes 20000 BAP.
  9. There are also Super User Upgrades (SUU), which allow you to receive random 1% ads, which are generated when users buy Bulk Ads. On every Bulk Ad buy, each pack generates 10x 1% ads of that purchase value, that are sent randomly to anyone owning a SUU upgrade. Ad packs below $50 worth create ads that are distributed to Mini SUU (delivers at least $2.99 in ads) owners, ads above $50 create ads that are distributed to Super SUU owners (delivers at least $19.99 in ads). However as these ads consume BAP, these are not always worth buying – but I definitely suggest trying them out in the early weeks after launch, as they typically are worth it (will wrote more on them in a future post). But always prioritize getting higher BAP over these SUU (recommended having at least 20k BAP for mini SUU, 100k BAP for mega SUU)
  10. Besides all of the above, you can also earn from completing offerwalls for free, so I suggest checking all of those out daily, and see if you can complete any, as that is basically free cash for you!

Long story short, what should you do when you get started in PTCshare:

– view all of your activation ads, every day
– make sure to check at least twice a day for any of your cash ads, so they do not expire
– complete as many daily tasks and achievements as possible and collect your daily BAP reward
– if you can, deposit or directly purchase bulk ads. Even $1 worth of bulk ads purchased will go a long way in building up your account. But the more of bulk ads you purchase the more you will be able to earn. Especially early during site launch, when moeny turns around faster, you will be making more and growing your account faster the more BAP you gather /BA you purchase
– with your first $0.05 earned purchase a recycle upgrade as that will speed up your earnings a lot
-If you have enough BAP and some spare cash, you can also consider buying SUU upgrades to speed up your conversion of BAP to cash. But careful with these, and if you want to know more when it’s worth to buy them, wait for my next post. But I’m pretty sure that within the first 1-4 weeks it will be worth buying these
-Make sure to check offerwalls every day to earn extra cash

Lastly, while you might be tempted to try and cash out any earnings as soon as you can, I would actually advise to instead spend at least a few week in building your account, buying more BA with your earnings, getting more BAP and that way being able to earn more each day. This is a website from a team that have been running a similar site for over 5 years and have always paid, so you have nothing to worry about here. Still, if you’d like to make a quick cashout to confirm they are paying, feel free to do so. But I know that I will be maximizing my account build up and probably not cashout for months 🙂

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