PTCshare is going crazy!

PTCshare launched yesterday, and the site has worked great so far. As mentioned in previous post, early after launch you should try and make use of the various upgrades the site offers, primarily Super User Upgrades and Recycle ads. I bought both SUU upgrades yesterday, and woke up to this:

What Super User Upgrade can do for you on PTCshare

Yes, $97 worth of ads to view in 23 ads only! This is from ads that are distributed to Super User Upgrade owners, and is usually an upgrade worth buying in specific circumstances, such as the launch as. As in order for it to be worth it, the upgrade should deliver you at least $100 worth in ads (I will elaborate more on this upgrade in a coming post)

Besides the SUU, I also purchased the Recycler upgrade, and boy every time after buying it it was filled up almost immediately, and delivered me $1+ ads each time. This is because of the huge activity on the site, tons of ads being bought and tons of ads in circulation, and when they’re not viewed they get recycled and sent to owners of recycle upgrades. I’ve had to rebuy it for the 3rd time today, this is my current paid ads section:

recycler upgrade in action

Pretty crazy eh? note that to receive ads from both the upgrades you have to have enough BAP in order to receive them. And once you receive them, BAP is deducted, and you’ll have to rebuy more BA ads to refill that BAP.

Best thing is that if you have time to view ads, recycle upgrade can make you several dollars per day in these early stages. All you need is 2500 BAP to get started, and to instantly get that much you should buy $1 BA and get there immediately. It will be worth it!

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