PTCshare strategy to maximize your earnings/BAP

Despite how complex PTCshare might seem at first, it’s actually really simple once you get to know it. And people might be confused by the PTCshare’ Bonus Ad Points system – you collect BAP but then the ads you receive consume them – no wonder many new members think that it’s a never-ending struggle between gaining and losing BAP and that there’s no way to progress at PTCshare. But as I said, PTCshare is actually quite simple and so is growing your account and maximizing your profits.

Understanding PTCshare’s BAP groups

PTCshareis using BAP groups to group users within a certain range of BAP and then delivers the same ads to users within the same BAP group. The higher the BAP group the bigger the ads users receive. On average for every BAP group you climb you’ll receive about 2x bigger ads/earnings than in your current one. So group 8 earns about 2x more than group 7, group 11 earns about 2x more than group 10 etc… Not only does this mean that you should try to get into as higher group as possible, it also means that if you want to keep earning the same amount you’ll have to make sure you stay in your current BAP group as otherwise you’ll halve your current earnings at PTCshare.

Here is a list of all BAP groups at PTCshare:

BAP Group 0 …….. 100 to 1600 BAP
BAP Group 1 …….. 1600 to 12000 BAP
BAP Group 2 …….. 12000 to 24000 BAP
BAP Group 3 …….. 24k to 48k BAP
BAP Group 4 …….. 48k to 96k BAP
BAP Group 5 …….. 96k to 180k BAP
BAP Group 6 …….. 180k to 360k BAP
BAP Group 7 …….. 360k to 720k BAP
BAP Group 8 …….. 720k to 1.5m BAP
BAP Group 9 …….. 1.5m to 3m BAP
BAP Group 10 ……. 3m to 6m BAP
BAP Group 11 ……. 6m to 20m BAP
BAP Group 12 ……. 20,000,000+ BAP

Right now the earnings range from 0.10$/main ad issue(weekdays) for group 0 up to $60/main ad issue for group 11! (no one is in group 12 it seems yet) The more ads you purchase the more you can earn.

The “88/12 repurchase strategy” at PTCshare

Most users on PTCshare will likely want to settle at a specific BAP group, or what I call the “88/12 repurchase strategy” to maintain their BAP and not drop to a lower BAP group. And the reason behind it is very simple. Every ad you receive consumes BAP – for every $0.0005 worth it consumes 1 BAP. For example a 1$ ad consumes 2000 BAP, meaning that if you want to maintain your BAP at the same point you had before you received the ad, you have to get that 2000 BAP back somehow. And the only way to do this (once you get to at least a few thousand BAP) is by purchasing bulk ad packs where every 1$ ad pack gives you 2360 BAP. So to gain 2000 BAP back you’d have to purchase $0.85 of an ad pack to get 2000 BAP that a 1$ ad consumed. So if you take into account that when you click on a 1$ ad you actually only get 0.97$ (0.03$ goes to your sponsor) and then have to use $0.85 to get back the BAP it consumed you’re using 87,6%($0.85/$0.97*100) of your earnings to maintain your BAP and you therefore have only 12,4% NET profit. For simplicity sake lets round these numbers to 88% and 12%, hence “88/12 repurchase strategy”.

PTCshare 88/12 repurchase strategy simplified

Now in the above example you obviously can’t purchase a 0.88$ bulk ad pack to get 2000 BAP as you can only purchase ad packs of full dollar value. So let’s say you earn 1$ every day and you’re on the edge of dropping your BAP group you’d in that case be “forced” to use the full 1$ to repurchase with as otherwise you’d drop to a lower BAP group. This way you’d get 360 BAP of extra BAP each day meaning that you’d build up your BAP enough every 2 days that you could withdraw 1$ on the sixth day. That’s how the lower BAP groups are “forced” to do it to not fall to a lower BAP group, but even many users in the higher BAP groups rather do it this way – repurchase 100% for a while, then cashout 100% for a while-until they fall down back to the bottom edge of their BAP group where they’d start repurchasing again.

So it actually doesn’t matter HOW you perform 88/12 repurchase strategy at PTCshare. All that matters is that you stay in the same BAP group – which requires using at least ~88% of your earnings to purchase more ad packs with. Personally, I simply make sure I am in the desired BAP group every day before the main ad issue (Ad issues so far usually start at soonest at 8am GMT/1am EST) – so in the morning I simply check how much BAP below my BAP group I am. If its 30k then I’ll purchase at least 13$ worth of ads to get back into “my” BAP group.

PTCshare 100% repurchase strategy to grow your BAP

This strategy is recommended especially for free members and also members in the lower BAP groups (Groups under 180k BAP). The 100% repurchase strategy basically allows you to gain ~360 BAP for every 1$ worth of ads you receive – they consume 2000 BAP, you purchase 1$ bulk ad pack and gain 2360 BAP.

This strategy is very effective in growing your account (and with that earnings) for anyone with under 180k BAP. The lower the BAP group you’re in the quicker the extra ~18% of BAP gained via repurchasing with your earnings will add up and make a difference. Why? Because the lower BAP group you’re in the bigger percentage of your earnings the achievement ads, random mini ads and recycled ads and also main daily ad issues will represent. Between the achievement ads, mini ad issues and recycled ads you can probably earn around at least 0.1$ cents daily on average. 0.1$ is HUGE for someone in the first three groups, but to the bigger groups those issues represent just a fraction of users’ daily earnings and don’t help much with growing their BAP.

Also the main daily ad issues are usually more favorable to the smallest groups, where for groups above 180k BAP the earnings percentage based on BAP becomes pretty even for everyone.

Why 100% repurchase strategy is not recommended for users above 180k BAP

Now I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use 100% of your earnings to build up your PTCshare account – on the contrary, with the stability, longevity and potential of this site I absolutely ADVISE to use 100% of your earnings to build up your account – but not in the traditional way of using 100% of your earnings to buy ad packs to build up BAP. Why? Because being in the middle or towards the top of a certain BAP group won’t get you any higher earnings – as long as you’re in the same BAP group you’ll be earning the same. So it’s kind of pointless to lock up your money in something that doesn’t benefit you in any way. And using just your site earnings to repurchase and climb a group above 180k BAP just takes too long, possibly month or more to climb a group

NOTE: Again, groups below 180k you can do 100% BAP repurchase as the earnings relative to the BAP groups are higher and you can climb the groups much faster!

Focus on growing your account in PTCshare during first few months

While you might be tempted to withdraw your earnings as soon as possible – as usually sites can turn scam, but with the team behind PTCshare being the same team behind PaidVerts, I am pretty confident we have nothing to worry about for months/years to come. So I highly suggest focusing on building up your account the first few months (growing BAP) – but if you want to withdraw something to feel safer, you are of course free to do so! Based on how ad issues are going right now, even with the 88/12 repurchase strategy you should be able to withdraw 10-20% of earnings/profits per month based on your purchase/BAP value if you stick to the same group.

I recommend building account up especially for the lower groups, as I’ve seen some of my refs reporting of starting with 0, and are now earnings over $1 on some days already, with the big ad issues and recycled ads even in the lower groups! So you will quickly climb the first few groups if you keep using your earnings to repurchase more Bulk Ads and grow your BAP quickly.

As a final note, I would highly recommend checking their surveys on a daily note, as that can help you earn some additional cash – which you can just withdraw, or use to build up your account even more!

  1. Hi
    Can you explain how can we repurchase more baps from the earnings?
    Please show us how to go about on the pts dashboard.
    I filled in campaign details and put URl then clicked verify.After that nothing happened.

  2. You have mentioned that group 0 earnings range from 0.10$/main ad issue but it is false they are only getting less than 0.01$ main ad issue. Bap group 2 will receive $1 to $2 ad issue. Very Very slow progress. I am active since the start and invested 10$ but still getting 1-2$ ad issue and never missed. For Recycle ad you will receive $1 in 30 days or more.

    • Hey, so sorry for this late response, missed approving your comment amongst a bunch of spam :/

      Actually, I seem to be renewing my recycle ad upgrade every 2-3 days, so I’m probably getting around 10-15$ in recycled ads alone each month. And often I get recycled ads that are $0.5+ (as I don’t get a bunch of small ads due to my ad filter), so I’d definitely make sure to always have recycle upgrade bought as it adds up!

      That post is a bit outdated now, that the ad issues have dropped quite a bit, and they can’t send that much to the very most bottom group any more. So more than ever, I’d suggest to try and find at least a few dollars to invest in and climb a few groups, as the earnings are still decent there. Seems you have which is great to hear!

      Also with the introduction of the BAP market, and how it is going, this actually now gives us a chance to get BAP up to 50% cheaper (based on current prices), which essentially means it doubles our pure profits. I’m actually preparing a post on this today, as it could help us earn even more pure profits, even with these lower ad issues.

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