PTCshare review – My first month earnings

It has now passed a month since the launch of PTCshare, so I wanted to post an update on how I have been doing to give you a better idea of what you can expect to achieve here.

Most of the time I have been in the 360k+ BAP group, but have recently dropped a bit, as I have helped a lot of my referrals with PIFing BAP (so far I already send over $100+ of BAP to my referrals!) to help them get started and earn more faster. So recently I dropped out of the 360k BAP group, as have been focusing on that and expanding my PTCshare downline as I am absolutely convinced by this program and its longevity.

So you might notice that I am promoting PTCshare quite a bit, and I wouldn’t be doing that if the results we all can get with PTCshare wouldn’t be as good as they are. As many people are asking me how to get started on that, I will prepare some posts on that topic soon as well, to help you get started on promoting and expanding your downline as well. If there is any program worth promoting, PTCshare is definitely it!

Anyway, onto the earnings of the first month:

Unlike my report from the first 2 weeks, this one is mainly from Daily Ad issues! With taking all the BAP I have PIFed to my referrals, I would now be standing on 480k BAP, which is worth $204 in BA purchases, and have earned $409 via ads, while spending an overall of $568 in initial ad purchase, and then to climb and maintain my BAP groups. So I am $45 in profit already, from an out of pocket purchase of $153 for getting to the 360k BAP group and maintaining it.

I have also cashed out $243 in total so far, some with the help of referral commissions, and cashouts always arrived within 24 hours so far!

Not bad for a month of a few clicks per day only, or a 30% profit so far on my purchases!
As you might notice, my first two weeks I earned more overall, but that was mainly due to a ton of big recycler and SUU ads, which are now less in between. But even just sticking to this group, should get me at least $20-30 profit per month by a few clicks per day. And every group I move up, is almost double of that!

That’s one of the great things so far – earnings have NOT started declining yet, and the ad issues are currently always $3k per day. For that to keep at that level for 1 month into the program shows that the team created a stable program, which should continue allowing us to earn at this rate for a long time.

So my suggestion to you is – try to get into the highest group as possible you can, and the faster you do it, the better!

Some estimated of how much you can earn, just with the daily ads, based on current ad issues for some of the most popular groups, while repurchasing to stay within your group:

Group 180-360k BAP – ~$33 worth of ads/month or $4 profit
Group 720-1.5m BAP – ~$132 worth of ads/month or $13 profit
Group 3m-6m BAP – ~$484 worth of ads/month or $58 profit
Group 6m+ BAP – ~$968 worth of ads/month or $116 profit

Few things to note: The above numbers do not include daily achievement ad issues, referrer ad issues, random ad issues, SUU ads, recycler ads, which add up a significant additional amount of money you can earn each month. In my case, I have received about half from daily ad issues, and half from all these other ad issues (SUU excluded) so far. These add up quickly!

On top of this if you also complete offers regularly, use up all of your click grid clicks, collect daily rewards, this all starts adding up quite fast!

And don’t forget that by maintaining your BAP group this way, basically allows you to earn at this rate indefinitely, for months/years to come! But even just with the BAP group daily ad issues, you’re looking at a minimum 5-7% PROFIT per month. On a trusted platform, that has a lot of promise to be around for years

  1. Hello Stan, I just joined your team on PTC Share. Can you please contact me via email, I would like a little help if that is possible, thanks a lot. 🙂

  2. Hello Stan
    I like to join in your group on PTC Shear
    Give me some information about it because I don’t have a good knowledge about it
    Can you pls contact me via email..

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