PTCshare review – 3 months earnings

Whoah, I have to apologize for the lack of my time and updates in the past 2 months, I’ve just been overwhelmed with work!

So before I get back and livening this place up with more useful content, I wanted to share another update on the state of PTCshare, and how much I’ve earned so far with it.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I have for quite a few weeks emptied my BAP group completely (by PIFing my refs), so have not been getting ads for the full period. Bad example I suppose, as watching the daily ads really takes only a few minutes, and in my case, would’ve easily have been another solid $20+ profit per month for just a few minutes per day!

These are my earnings for the first 3 months:

With taking all the BAP I have PIFed to my referrals, I would now be standing on 620k BAP (440k BAP I PIFed), which is worth $262 in BA purchases, and have earned $707 via ads. I spent an overall $865 in initial ad purchases, climbing and maintaining my BAP groups. So from ads/clicking, I am in profit $104, from an out of pocket first purchase of $153 for getting to the BAP group and maintaining it.

So my earnings per month are a bit down, due to me not having BAP for a good period, not actively repurchasing recycler upgrade, plus, the overall ad issues have declined a bit. But I am still happy with $30 profit per month, for just about 2 minutes of work each day!

So far I have cashed out $840, with the help of referral commissions and completing some offers here and there – I really recommend doing them as much as possible, cause they added some really neat providers recently! So the site is definitely still paying and quickly.

While ad issues have declined to about $2.3k per day now, I am still completely happy with them. The team is trying to make this a sustainable program, and they can only send out money they actually have/earn from all the sources. Frankly, if they manage to maintain at least $1.5k+ ad issues consistently, I will be happy with the result. If they can maintain $2k+ or even get back to $3k+ then even better!

The most important thing to me is that it’s a sustainable program, that can be around for years, and not some overblown HYIP/ponzi, that all other sites are. Also even if ad issues end up being “just” $1.5k+ ad issues, this is still WAY better than any PTC out there. Over the longterm this is still extra money for almost no work!

If you’re about making consistent money in the long term then I strongly encourage you to invest some of your time in money into PTCshare, as the rates are still very good!

I will be preparing a post based on realtime PTCshare ad issues, and giving you proper estimates of how much you can earn with PTCshare – or even make a simple calculator for it! So you can estimate how much time you’ll be needing to break even and make profit here!

Many members have been asking me to help them with referring and setting up their own downline, and other program that can help boost their online earnings. So I intend to prepare some posts about that, plus I am also working on some more complete guide and a completely free course I followed back in the days, to get started in getting referrals and making more money online! I will try to prepare these soon as people seem to be very interested about them 😉

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