How to earn a consistent daily income with more sites like PTCshare?

While PTCshare is in my opinion the best PTC currently out there, where you can earn the most, and for as little time spent, using only PTCshare might not get you enough earnings for a significant impact of your life if you are starting completely for free.

So I would like to help you all out, by creating specific guides of which other sites are worth your time, and how between them you can start earning significant, life-changing income all from the comfort of your home.

Earning significant income online definitely is possible, but with all the scams, and ton of info out there, it can be very difficult to know where to start, what to do, and what to stick with. So I want to make it really easy for you to follow, stick by on a daily basis, and start increasing your online earnings – all starting without any outside investment!

What other sites to sign up and be active in daily – the basics

While I will be writing about advanced strategies about how to set up for building up your income over the long term, today I will start with simple instructions of which other (PTC) Paid To Click site are guaranteed to earn you some moeny each and every day, no matter where you are from. India, Vietnam, United States,… all can earn these numbers consistently.

Finding reliable PTCs, that are paying, will stick around, and can earn you enough income each day that will add up overtime, can be hard. So here is my current list of vetted and reliable PTCs you should definitely check out and use up daily, besides PaidVerts and PTCshare.

Please note that all below links contain my referral link, but as I want to first and foremost help you out to earn yourself, you are free to signup without my referral link. All the info in this website is available to everyone, not just my referrals, and I am happy to share my knowledge and tips with everyone, to help you build a side income online 🙂

By signing up at these below sites, and completing the main tasks at them daily, you will earn EVERY day $0.1-$0.3 in 1 to 2 hours of your time, going through all of them. Note that this can be optimized, by clicking completing just the bigger ads, and sometimes you can also view ads of 2-4 sites at a time, halving your time spent for the same cash earned – but more on that, in advanced strategies to come!

Also note that this is the basic guide of minimum earnings, but these WILL ADD up if you do them consistently, and I will follow up with more in-depth tips that will help you optimize the earnings at these sites. All of these sites will be important for follow up strategies, so I highly suggest signing up at them! – is one of the best and highest paying PTC sites out there
Make sure to view “Surf Ads” and “Active Window Ads” every day. On average, you will get ~40 ads, that will take you 10-15minutes to complete, earning you $0.02-$0.03 in total

Referral link: – Like CoinPayu it is a great bitcoin based PTC, with a ton of ads to view, but it has a ton of other interesting ways to earn. Simple faucet claims, just playing games (NOT gambling!) and earning money, activity bonuses as you are with the site for longer, and more…

Make sure to view all ads here daily (~10 ads, earning you around $0.01 and take 2 minutes to complete.). Make sure to claim the faucet every 12 hours, earning you an additional $0.005 in basically 10 seconds.
I highly suggest checking out their offers and surveys, as they have one of the best selection of surveys and offers out there!
Overall, you can easily earn $0.02-$0.03 in total, in about 15-20 minutes of your time here.

Referral link: – as previous ones, it is another high-paying bitcoin based PTC, focused around ads, and there are a lot of them!

You will get 50-100 ads daily, worth between $0.04-$0.08 in total. Viewing all of them will take 20-40 minutes. I suggest first watching just the big ones, then if you have time watch the rest.
Referral link:  – This is one of the most unique PTCs, with a ton of ways to earn, that don’t take up a lot of time, so it is very time efficient! You will find all of the earning options under the “Earn” section. It can be a bit confusing at start, but I highly recommend sticking with this one and doing all the daily tasks, as they are very time efficient for how much you can earn!

View ~10 ads daily for $0.01, which will take you about 2 minutes

You can roll the dice every 24 hours, earning you a minimum of $0.002 , but every now and then you will earn more, up to $50 if you are lucky! It only takes a few seconds so make sure to do it every day!

Complete 20 captchas and earn $0.02. This will take you 8-10 minutes. However, you can keep completing more captchas, and the highest 50completions of captchas each day will get an extra $1 paid! To qualify each day it currently takes about 500 captcha completions, which will take you about 3 hours. However, compared to most PTCs, that is over $0.3 earned per hour! Also, while doing those, you can easily view ads in other PTCs, so it is not taking you any extra time at all!

If you do not have any other sources of income, I highly suggest doing these captchas regularly.

Overall, focusing just on the basics, you will earn about $0.04 in about 15 minutes of your time

Referral link: I hope you are with me, as the final website is one of the most important ones. With this one you can earn a guaranteed $0.25 every day, but it will come in play in the advanced tutorials, as by using its “PTP” (paid to promote”) program, you will be able to earn much more each day, and utilize various free traffic you get at other sites, that will make you additional money. Make sure to sign up at this one, as it might be one of your biggest earning sites later on!

This one is pretty simple – you can surf up to 1250 ads every day, each paying you $0.0002 per view. That is up to $0.25 earned every day, GUARANTEED! You will be able to view about 250-400 ads per hour, so note that it will take you some time to view all of the ads. But even if you surf just for 30 minutes (While doing other PTCs), you will be able to earn another $0.02-$0.03 cents per day. If you have the time, definitely go for the $0.25 every day though!

Referral link:

That is it!

All you have to do is sign up at those 5 sites, and do the viewing/surfing, activity tasks each day, and earn a guaranteed $0.1-$0.3 every day, even more if you can complete all of their daily ad viewing.

While this might not sound much to some, if you are currently not consistently earning more than that, this is where you can start, and be safe that you WILL get paid and earn those amounts every single day.

As mentioned I will be writing more advanced guides, of how you can start earning more than just from what you surf, by utilizing free traffic of these sites, paid To promote bonuses, and very importantly, referral commissions.

I will lay it out all simply for you, because there is no magic trick here. Everyone can earn something significant online by being consistent and having a few tips/best practices – and I will gladly help guide you there – but stick with me! With a few more guides, and simple daily routines, you will start earning way more than $0.1-$0.3 per day, very soon up to a few dollars every day, and if you’ll really be interested, well, I’m pretty sure I can help you make much more significant income by the end of this year, but especially set you up nicely for 2020! 😉

  1. Hi Thanks for the very useful guidelines. However I have already joined the mentioned sites except coinpayu, and rotate4all. I will join those sites by clicking the link you mentioned. Please give guidelines in your next mail how to make referrals. I am shy and embarrassed to introduce these things to my colleagues . Please do help us how to get direct referrals . Since I am a Sri Lankan 99% surveys are not eligible to us. So my money earning tasks are very limited.

    • Hey! Glad this has helped you Nadeera!

      I will probably get to first article about referrals next weekend, I am just now preparing an article to help you make the most out of BAP with the introduction of the BAP market.

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