PTCshare BAP Market release and how it can more than double your profits!

PTCshare BAP market – what is it?

A few days ago BAP market was added to PTCshare, which is essentially a way to trade (buy or sell) BAP from other users on the site. Users might want to sell their BAP as a means to liquidate their BAP to cash instantly, without waiting days/weeks/months for ads to consume all of their BAP. Users might want to do this if they’re quitting, need money or maybe won a big BAP prize in their games and want to get direct cash for it! Pretty cool addition just for that, as it helps users not feel “trapped by BAP”.

Before you head off and sell of your BAP, note this: if your BAP is consumed by cash ads your receive, you will get $1 for every 2000 BAP. If you sell your BAP to other users, you’ll currently get $0.5 or less for 2000 BAP back. So it offers a great opportunity in some cases, but if your aim is to earn money consistently, and long term – definitely do NOT sell your BAP.

With that said, do you see the opportunity here?

Usually to get your BAP you have to buy Bulk Ads, where you will get 2360 BAP for every $1 of Bulks ads purchased. Currently some people are selling their BAP at around $0.00015-$0.0002 per BAP. That means you could buy the same 2360 BAP you’d get from Bulk Ads, from other users, for just $0.35 – $0.48!!! This essentially means you are getting 100-200% more BAP for the same amount of cash you spend, essentially doubling or even trippling your pure profits (depends on what price you manage to buy at). You’d basically use 2-3x times less money to rebuy your BAP and keep your same group, or you could climb a group or two with the same amount of money spent, that’s insane!

One downside of buying BAP from users versus buying Bulk Ads is that you won’t get a bunch of free traffic you get with those, but it seems most users are more interested in the money not the traffic that comes with Bulk Ads.

So here is my tip of the year – to maximize your profits in PTCshare

,Make sure to always first check at the BAP market rates, and if buying BAP is much cheaper from the BAP market, compared to Bulk Ads! If the recent daily ad issues have been reduced quite a bit, this is your secret tool to improve your earnings. If I am your sponsor, and you start using BAP market to buy most of your BAP instead of Bulk Ads, I’m essentially going to get far less/zero commissions from you.

So why am I writing this guide in the first place? I first want to make sure you are happy with PTCshare and how much you earn, and help you make a decent income online. So I will always provide you with the best tips for YOU, and ignore any commission benefits for myself.

Before I end this, I wanted to clarify a few things about the BAP market – and I urge you to understand the BAP market before you do any trades – it’s super simple to use, but still, I want to make sure you make the most out of this.

Things to know about the BAP market:
– BAP market is primarily built for people to be able to liquidate their BAP for cash, NOT to “day trade”. So, it has quite hefty fees.
– if you sell BAP for cash, there is a 3% cash fee. Again there is no purpose in selling BAP, other than liquidating. And if you are trying to make consistent money, you should always build up your BAP, not sell it. *There can be a use to selling BAP if you are trying to “trade the market”, but I wouldn’t recommend that for now, as the prices might stabilize at a different level.

– If you buy BAP there is a 5% BAP fee – For example, if you bought 1000 BAP, you would receive 950 BAP.
To make sure you are buying BAP profitably, you need to make sure you are getting BAP at a better deal than what you would get with Bulk Ads. It’s super simple to calculate at what price you need to buy BAP to make sure it’s at a better rate:
If buying $1 of BA gives you 2360 BAP, that is a price of $0.000423 per 1 BAP.
If you wanted to buy the same amount of BAP (2360) from the market, you have to note that you’d also pay a 5% BAP fee. So you only need to make sure that you buy BAP at a rate LOWER $0.0004 to get a better deal compared to BA!

Again, right now BAP is going for $0.00015-$0.0002 which is an amazing deal so make sure to stock up on BAP at these great rates, as you’re essentially getting a 200-300% BAP bonus!

Extra tip:
Instead of directly buying BAP from the “baps listed for sale”, you could “place a bid”. Bids simply mean you are making an offer, that someone who wants to sell BAP immediately can accept. Right now the difference between lowest sell offer ($0.00018), and highest bid ($0.00016) is over 10%! That means that if you are not in a rush to get your BAP, you could set up some bids just a bit lower the lowest sell offer, and this way could get an extra 5-20% BAP off the market 🙂

I hope this article helps you out as this is DEFINITELY the biggest tip of this year, and change to PaidVerts, that can help make you a lot more profitable and use your money most efficiently.

If anyone is confused the market, or it’s not clear, please let me know in the comments and I will elaborate on it.

You can find the BAP market here:

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