How to profit the most BAP from the ongoing massive sales?

You’ve likely noticed the massive advertising sales and offers on and – which are one of the biggest ones I’ve seen to date!

I’ve been taking advantage of similar sales in the past, to help me optimize my earnings on the sites, as well as getting incredible value to refer to other PTC sites where I’m earning, some of them can even be near 100% guaranteed profit (not unlimited profit, BUT pretty much guaranteed)!

Without further ado, let me give you the main ways to make the most of these sales:

  1. Stock up on BAP by buying Bulk Ads during purchase competitions AND extra BAP promos.

Right now there’s an ongoing purchase competition for biggest BAP purchasers, with a total prize pool of 2million BAP for the top 10 purchasers – rewards raging from 80k-600k BAP!

At the time of this writing, the 10th purchaser has bought $7 worth of BA, and if they maintain that place until the end of the event, they’ll be getting 80k BAP, on top of the 16800 from their purchase. That is 5x more BAP than buying it regularly, INSANE value!

Now, the competition is not yet over, and likely more than $7 will be required to keep in that list, but usually in the past, grabbing that 10th spot still got you an extra 50-100% BAP than if just buying normally – so keep an eye on that list, and ideally on the last day of the event, try to snag up some more BA purchasers to get on top of that list for a hefty BAP reward!

2. Extra BAP Bulk Ads sale is surely coming end of month AND IT HELPS COMPOUND benefits of other events, like purchase competitions

One thing I’ve noticed is that there’s ALWAYS a big Bulk Ads bonus BAP end of the month during this events -> they just don’t announce it in-advance, but it surely is coming, likely bigger than it has been the past months. typically these sales give you an extra 20-30% BAP, but the way they are hyping May events, I’m expecting at least 30% bonus BAP.

That means that besides the purchase competition rewards, you’ll also be getting an extra 30% BAP during the last few days of the promos -> JUST WAIT FOR IT 😉

3. That’s not all -> There’s also a “hidden” purchase competition for those buying ads with Neteller or Payeer

Yep, if you’ve been following their emails & read the full event details, then you can take advantage of this by purchasing directly with Payeer (also Neteller on PaidVerts), where 10 random people buying with Payeer (the more you buy, more chance to win) will also get a share of 500k BAP prize pool. So if you can buy with one of those methods, definitely do, as it opens you up for even more rewards!

Bottom line is, when there’s so many events stacked up together, their benefits compound, and I ONLY EXCLUSIVELY buy my BAP when at least 2 of these events align, for maximum benefit, usually getting me 100% extra BAP for my money.

4. Playing games can be profitable during Wagering competitions

This method to getting extra “guaranteed” BAP is slightly more complicated, but can also be extremely profitable. Right now there’s a 2.5million BAP prize pool for a wagering competition, where wagering/playing and coming in the top 20, can get you at least 62k BAP reward. So all you have to do is see if it’s worth it to bet enough to make that list – preferably do this on last day, where you’ll see how much competition there is.

The only trick is to know when it’s worth playing or not, similarly as method 1 mentioned above. On PTCshare it’s best to do this with Coin Flip (2.5% house Edge), But on PaidVerts it’s better with the game Nine Out of 10 (1% house edge vs 1.5% for Coin Flip)

How do you know when it’s worth trying to climb that prize ladder?
Essentially you have to simply divide the prize, with the house edge. For example on PTCshare, 62500BAP / 0.025 = 2,500,000 BAP

What does this mean? It means that if you made on average totals bets of 2.5mil BAP, you’d on average expect to lose 62.5k BAP, which the BAP reward from the competition would pay back.

So as a general rule of thumb, if you’d only need to wager up to 50% of that value (i.e. 20th spot requiring 1.25m wagered), then on average you’re pretty much guaranteed to win more with prizes than you lose playing the games.

Or for example, for the 3rd place reward of 300000 BAP, you’d usually be safe wagering up to 50% of the “12million wagering covered by the prize”, so up to 6million BAP (right now top #3 spot wagered just 4million BAP, so it’s easily beatable).

*It’s really a simple & guaranteed method if you do the numbers right, but I only recommend it if you understand what I meant here exactly. And if you go for this, use a simple/consistent betting strategy and NOT playing on impulse – I.e. I’d usually go bet 1/100th or 1/200th of the overall wagering amount required, and simply bet that amount 100 or 200 times to make the wagering. That many bets would ensure “variance of the results” is as low as possible, and that I will most times lose very close to the house edge, and not “get unlucky” and lose more.

That’s it! 4 simple and pretty much guaranteed ways to get 50-200% extra BAP for your money, or in case of methods 1-3 even way more guaranteed <- as long as you keep an eye on how the prizes are filling up, and if there’s a big opportunity for you to grab 🙂

Read my other post on how to make the most of the super cheap advertising when it’s on sale as well, as there are some method’s I’ve been using for guaranteed (NOT unlimited, but guaranteed to an extent) profit throughout the years, even when ad issues have been lowered.

I realize these can be a bit tricky to understand, so if anything is unclear to you, please just ask me in the comments below! Hope this help you 🙂

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