How to profit the most from the ongoing massive sales? #2

This is a continuation of the “How to profit the most BAP from the ongoing massive sales?” article I just wrote, where that article focuses on using the sales & events to get more BAP, this one focuses on getting the most out of the amazing advertising deals they are offering, which can be the most cost effective way to get referrals to your other earning sites, or even guaranteed profit (NOT unlimited, but guaranteed).

Please note, this is article is focused on the current ongoing sales & events up to the end of May 31st, but the techniques can apply to future events & sales, it’s just the current events are that much bigger, and it’s easier & more profitable to do so!

  1. THE best advertising deal out of any Paid-To-Click out there – x3 ad views on Pure Ads, 9000-13500 ad views per $1 spent!

On most other PTCs these days you can usually get 500-1000 ad views for every $1 spent (or event less!), which is in most cases simply not profitable to use for advertising most websites, unless you are really good at targeting and converting.

And while The Pure Ads on PTCshare are NOT the best converting ads compared to other PTCs (on a referral/1000 views), they ARE in my experience the most cost-effective, especially during such big sales.

In my experience with well crafted landing pages I will typically get 2-4 referrals per 1000 views/$1 on ads spent on other sites, with using Pure ads on PTCshare I typically get 1-2 referrals per 1000 views (as they are not unique daily and not the longest lasting ad views) -> which is usually better even at the regular rates of 3000-4000 ad views per $1, but in the current x3 ad views, it’s absolutely an amazing deal.

I HIGHLY recommend giving these a try, preferably buying at least a $20 pack (as that gets you the 13500 views/$1 spent) – I know I will setup some big campaigns for these to bring me cost-effective traffic for months to come 🙂

2. $1 of Pure ads can convert to $1.5-$3 on PTP sites like

Ever heard of PTP (Paid To Promote) sites? These are basically sites, which will pay you a certain amount for every visit you deliver to their page, typically between $0.05-$0.4 for every 1000 visits you deliver on a specific day.

And none is better than, which has these pay rates for visit deliveries:

What is Unique and Non-Unique?
A Unique visit refers to one visit from a specific person per day, where non-unique means every subsequent visit from that same person in a day (i.e. same person visiting the same link several times in a day). And these PTP sites typically pay way more for each unique visit, and then a bit less for every non-unique visit.

How can you earn with this?
Well, it’s simple -> Remember being able to buy 13.5k ad views for just $1 on PTCshare right now? Let’s say that you’d get those delivered in a day with 25% unique rate, meaning that you’d get 3.4k Unique views ($0.0004/view), and 10.1k non-unique views ($0.0005-$0.0002/view), which would in case of Rotate4all pay you about $2.55!!!!!

That’s a massive $1.55 profit on every $1 spent!
Even if you’d assume even smaller unique rates, there’s still a ton of profit to be made (though in my experience they are usually between 20-40% on 5-20k ad views per day on PTCshare):
10% unique rate: $1.075 earned per $1 spent
15% unique rate: $1.59 earned per $1 spent
20% unique rate: $2.092 earned per $1 spent

In my experience usually setting up 1 ad campaign on PTCshare, get you between 3-8k ad views per day, so it might be worth setting up 2 campaigns to get more views delivered per day, BUT note that that will reduce the unique rate! It is something I suggest to experiment and adjust to optimize 🙂

How can earning $1/day profit add up to anything?
Well that’s the beauty of it, once you set it up it’s pretty much no work, and you can even scale it up to a degree and optimize – usually I’ve been earning between $1-$3 per day from PTCshare and/or PaidVerts ads, here are my overall stats so far, not bad eh, $2.5k extra earned in my last 2-3 years doing this method 🙂

*As you can see I didn’t have any ads setup yet in the last 30 days, which is why I have to stock up again for a LONG time, as I’ve been to busy lately, but can’t miss this opportunity 🙂

**On top of all this Rotate4all also has additional bonuses to unlock each week based on how many ads you’ve delivered, which can usually add up another 5-20% extra profit 🙂

3. Fixed Ads can be profitable as well for PTP!

Well I mentioned Pure ads above, but this same method works with Fixed ads as well! And the best part about Fixed Ads is that they’re more than 50% unique as they can only be viewed once per day by each user on PTCshare/PaidVerts (there are still some multiaccounts/bots, so its never 100%

Right now on PTCshare you can stock up on Fixed ads at $1.5/day, and they’re currently delivering about 3500 ad views per day (but at 50%+ unique rate), and about 5300 ad views per day on PaidVerts. So they’re all profitable 🙂

4. Other noteworthy mentions: is just one of the PTP sites out there, and in my experience the best, but there are others out there that are worth buying into, that can help expand those daily earnings further. And you can also divert your other ads here from others PTCs & Bulk Ads, and it all adds up very quickly – especially if you don’t have something to promote that is more profitable (like programs that earn you good referral commissions etc.), and this is something I’ve been able to utilize well over the years.

Also have a look at other ad types, such as banners, login ads, Ad Grid (on PaidVerts) as there can also be special deals for long term ad setup that can be profitable like this!

And if you have something worthy to promote (like a PTC, or affiliate program), then I’d highly recommend trying out Login Ads as well, as that’s where I’ve usually been able to get 30-60 referrals per one Login Ad to other PTcs, or Crypto/air drop projects, so give it a try 😉

Any question? Ask me below in comments!

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