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PTCshare offers different features which lets you accumulate Bonus Ad Points. You can gain BAP for free by viewing a few ads and by doing daily tasks in the website.

There’s also a paid-way to increase your BAP signficantly, but today we’d like to talk about how you can get more Bonus Ad Points by simply playing casino games!

Casino Games at comes with 7 fun casino games that you can play anytime. After registering an account, you have immediate access to the games and can start playing from a little as 10 BAP per bet.

Gambling is risky, you may lose all your BAP but depending on the strategy you use, it may come out quite handy and it will boost you up those BAP groups really fast.

In the games section, you can see everyday a game that is highlighted. For a single play you do in the selected game, you can have the luck of winning 50,000 Bonus Ad Points! This random draw occurs everyday, so it’s worth to drop 10 to 50 BAP for a chance to win the daily reward.

The mechanic is that all players who bet for the highlighted game are eligible to get the 50,000 BAP. The more times each player plays, the bigger the chances to claim the reward.

Remember to play only a few times a day so you don’t risk more than what you have. I suggest to lose 50 BAP max. If you happen to make profit, you can save your 50 BAP and play with the profit only as many times as possible.

What Games Can You Play

There are 7 different casino games: Coinflip, Keno, Roulette, Slots, 9 Out Of 10, Rock-Paper-Scissors and Compound Boxes.

The most popular game is Coinflip as it’s super simple with a high paying ratio. If you guess correctly, you earn 197% of your bet. The risk is that it’s a 50/50 games so odds of losing are also high.

One of my classic-favorite games is Roulette! I enjoy the fact that you can play Roulette online and it’s practically free. If you claim your Free daily BAP, you can play a few rounds at 0 risk and potentially earn more BAP.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s really important that you remember that playing casino games is gambling. You have the odds to win big, but also the same odds to lose all your points.

In the following list, I’ve put my do’s and don’ts on casino games at


  • Play one or a few rounds on the highlighted game for a potential win of 50,000 BAP
  • If your daily strategy is in profit, keep playing around with the BAP you won (try to stop if 90% of it is lost)


  • Don’t gamble BAP that you purchased!
  • Don’t risk all your points in a single bet
  • Don’t risk more than 50 BAP max (which is what you can claim for free any day)

Hope this strategy works for you! In should you have any question, feel free to write me below

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